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  • This blog was created for a student in a high school who is participating in the Teacher Cadet Program.

    The primary goal of the Teacher Cadet Program is to encourage students to consider teaching as a career. A secondary goal is to provide these students insights about teachers and schools so that they will be civic advocates of education.

    This blog was created for the student to share learning, insights, questions, and experiences they gain as they participate in the program. Links to other classroom participants are included.

    The class blog is located at: Teacher Cadets

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Hi Alexandra,
I am so glad you are enjoying your experiences in the classroom! This is a perfect opportunity for you to discover if teaching is really for you.

You say that you read to the students. I have always worked with older students and just wondered about working with younger ones. Is there a strategy you use to get them interested in the book? Or are they so interested that you just begin?




I'm glad you are enjoying your teaching experience! Sounds like your teacher is trusting you with a great deal! What is SFA that the students attend?

Mrs. Tincher

Susan Stamps

I enjoyed reading your blog! I'm so glad that your teacher is putting you to work. You are such a great role model for them. Keep up the great work!


Working with the younger students is a lot of fun. To get them interested you have to also make it fun for them. You have to give them a little bit more disipline and make sure they know that there are consequences so that they will sit down and listen to what you are saying. Usually, when I read read I am in the SFA class. SFA means Success For All where the students get placed in a different classroom according to their reading level. This just helps them catch up and learn faster by being in a class with other student on the same level they are.

Mrs. Meeler

Alexandra -

It sounds like you are learning a lot from working with the first graders. What do you find as the most challenging part of working with young children?

Mrs. Meeler

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