About Teacher Cadets

  • This blog was created for a student in a high school who is participating in the Teacher Cadet Program.

    The primary goal of the Teacher Cadet Program is to encourage students to consider teaching as a career. A secondary goal is to provide these students insights about teachers and schools so that they will be civic advocates of education.

    This blog was created for the student to share learning, insights, questions, and experiences they gain as they participate in the program. Links to other classroom participants are included.

    The class blog is located at: Teacher Cadets

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What kind of tips would you like? Do they involve going to school and becoming a teacher in the future?


I wanted to know what kind of tips you would like to here. I also really enjoyed reading your blog.


Hi Graciela, the introduction to education class that I am in will eventually lead to a teaching career. I love hearing frim anybody with knowledge in that area and tips they can give me are more than welcome.

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