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  • This blog was created for a student in a high school who is participating in the Teacher Cadet Program.

    The primary goal of the Teacher Cadet Program is to encourage students to consider teaching as a career. A secondary goal is to provide these students insights about teachers and schools so that they will be civic advocates of education.

    This blog was created for the student to share learning, insights, questions, and experiences they gain as they participate in the program. Links to other classroom participants are included.

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Congratulations on being a senior! It is a scary time when you graduate from high school. Going to college helps prepare you for success the rest of your life. If you decide to go to college, give it your best effort and you will be rewarded with success!

I hope you will enjoy being with the younger students next semester. They are a lot of fun and can teach us how to be ourselves, laugh and have a good time. Enjoy!


Why is it that we are always scared of things that are new? Personally, I think you will do really well in college. You appear to have a good handle on who you are and how to accomplish your goals.

College is just riding a bicycle without training wheels. You did that once and succeeded. You can do it successfully at least one more time.

Good Luck,


I thank you for believing in me for I know that I can be rather pessimistic at times. I thought about the comment that you made about college being a bike without training wheels. I also feel that people are afraid of change especially me. I am more of a structured person and it can be hard for me to adapt. I think that when I get out of high school I am going to just take a semester off and get myself to gather. I am no longer as scared as I used to be but I do need time to get encouragement on what I plan to do. Each time someone like you believe and encourage me it helps me to be a bigger and better person. I feel that all students just need someone to believe in them.


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