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  • This blog was created for a student in a high school who is participating in the Teacher Cadet Program.

    The primary goal of the Teacher Cadet Program is to encourage students to consider teaching as a career. A secondary goal is to provide these students insights about teachers and schools so that they will be civic advocates of education.

    This blog was created for the student to share learning, insights, questions, and experiences they gain as they participate in the program. Links to other classroom participants are included.

    The class blog is located at: Teacher Cadets

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Hello Lani,

I am sorry it took so long to respond but problems and assignments are to blame for my miss calculated timing. Being that I have read your commit it has encouraged me to do better and believe more than I did before. Until you explained to me how much teachers and students are alike I had no idea. You would never know how much we are alike because of how teachers tend to treat their students. Through the years teachers have not given their students a chance to act like young adults, they fill their class up with busy work and expect you not to do it. At times I feel that they just way to find an easier way for them to grade. Yes, I have been in school for a while but I now realize how far I have come. Starting school I like my classmates could not read, write, or conduct ourselves properly, not only did school teach me but it also made me a better person. I know now that it is a privilege to go to school and get an education. Some children don’t have that chance and would give anything to do so. At times school can be hard but I think I am going to use the quotes that you have suggested. I tend to be more pessimistic that optimistic about school especially. I think you for listening to what I feel is important for the world to know and I think you for responding. And yes I have thought of all the possibilities for this year. I am still pending on if that might affect the way I deal with challenges although you have already made a huge change in my direction.


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