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Hi Tavon,

Your postings really made me think back and recall the many ways that teaching is similar to being a student!

You mentioned: “Being in school for twelve years is a bit much.” I decided to count the number of years I had been in school. Wow! 53 years!! My lifetime!! I was learning every year; I learned so much I discovered how much I did not know; now that is scary.

You mentioned: “talk about being broke.” Teachers, you know, don’t make lots of money. And there was tuition for graduate school, money for workshops, supplies for the classroom, gifts for students, more supplies for the classroom, paper for the copy machine, the sunshine fund each year to send cards and gifts to other staff who were ill or had a death in the family, the union dues (had to pay even if I didn’t want to), transportation to school (at first the bus and then a car, and another car, and another car that I wore out driving a 50 mile one way commute to school), books, subscriptions to professional journals, and “teacher clothes”. I can relate to being broke.

And you mentioned: “This year we have a new principal so the rules have changed. In my opinion some of the rules are stretching it a bit much.” There were many new principals and they were always changing the rules. And those changes included no food allowed in classrooms (no coffee, no pop), bathroom duty (had to check the bathrooms), lunch at 10:15 three years in a row, teaching 5 different subjects instead of the usual three, circling a teacher’s name in red if they were 2 minutes late because of a terrible snowstorm, and not being allowed to leave school during the school day, even on a planning period. And one of the hardest wasn’t the principal’s rule, but a district one. Never leave the classroom unless someone is there to cover, no matter how badly you needed to use the restroom. I can relate to being frustrated over rules too.

So how can someone deal with all that for 53 years as most teachers do? You only have 41 more years to go! :) I can share two quotes guided my life in school:
“You must become the change you want to see.” --Gandhi
I spent lots of time working for change and modeling the change I believed would be good for teachers and students.
“The future belongs to people who see possibilities.”
I always tried to see each “problem” as a challenge or a possibility. It positively changed my outlook on life. Note that I said “tried”. There were lots of times that I was unsuccessful, but just those two words “challenge” and “possibility” made all the difference. And I can very honestly say to you that I cherish my 53 years I spent in school!! I wouldn’t trade them for all the money in the world.

I am wondering if you think of all the “possibilities” for you this year, do you think that might affect how you deal with your challenges.



Hi Lani,
After reading your blog it made me really think about how we are a lot alike. I noticed that many teachers tend to forget how it felt to be a child. As far as the money issue I feel that to avoid everyone from being broke they should lower the prices and expectations of some clubs, sports, and committees, because if you are a determined person like you want to do a lot but you don't have the money to do all that you would like. When you commented to me about having a new principle it got me to think about how I felt the same way that you felt. When you are pressured and down it is hard to see every challenge or problem as a possibility for me. For one thing I am in the process of learning how to be more positive than negative so this is a challenge for me. But I am glad to know that someone other than me uses different techniques to keep them selves from falling off the edge. I can also say that I cherish my years in school because without school I don't know where I would be. Although I cherish my high school years I am ready to close this chapter in my life and start a new one. Yes I have thought of all the possibilities for me this year and I have yet to put it into action but I am working on it. Because I feel that this will effect how I deal with my challenges I try to keep my head on straight and get onto the habit of looking forward to a better future.


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