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Darren Kuropatwa

Hi Tiffany,

I just read about the envelope you returned to the school bookkeeper on your first day. In some ways it seems strange that anyone should congratulate you for doing the right thing; after all, shouldn't we expect others to act ethically and do the same ourselves? Unfortunately, people often don't do the right thing. You've chosen a career where doing the right thing is probably the most important thing you'll ever teach your students.

At this point in your career you're probably focused on learning the curriculum and figuring out what is the best way to present material to your students in a way that they can understand; how can you help them learn best? The thing is, the excellent lesson that you prepare and deliver, that goes over better than you ever hoped for, and that an overwhelming number of students learn from will most likely be forgotten. What they will remember are the same sort of things you remember about Mrs. Garner. They will remember how they "felt" about being in your class. They will also remember the kind of choices you made with that envelope.

While we have a professional obligation to teach them the curriculum and content they need to know to move forward to the next level, we more importantly have a moral obligation to teach them "good character." This can only really be taught by example in the ethically informed choices we make both in and out of the classroom. I think you're begining what will be a brilliant career. Bravo.


Hi Lavon,
I am so glad you are enjoying your time in the classroom!

I can only echo Darren's comments. Students will remember the example you set (did you walk the walk) and how you made them feel. Your are well on your way to providing such a good model of a "good person" for your students!

You asked how you might get students more interested in their books. If the books have pictures, have you used them to have the students predict what the story is about? Have you used the title to predict what might happen? Have you used a part of the reading to ask if any student has had the experience or feeling noted in the story? I wonder if one or more of these strategies might be helpful? What do you think?




I am so sorry that the greeting in my first comment does not have your name. I certainly meant for TIFFANY to be in that spot. Please accept my apologies (I guess this old brain doesn't do so well in the early morning any more)




Sounds like you are well on your way to becoming a good teacher in that you have already figured out what the students respond to and what they don't! There is so much more to teaching than just knowing the subject matter as Darren said.

Lani has some great ideas. I will be reading to see if you are able to implement any of them!

Mrs. Tincher


Hey Mr. Darren,
I want to thank you for replying to my post. I think you're right, it is kind of strange to be congratulated for doing the right thing. I wish more people would would do the right thing, because the world would be a better place. When I become a teacher I want to teach he students good character, and have them learn at the same time. I hope that I will be a great teacher. What do you think I should know to be a great teacher?


Hey Ms. Lani,
Thank you for responding to my post. The book I am reading to the students is called, The Lion, The Witch,and The Wardrobe. The book does not have many pictures, and the ones it does have are black, and white, and are small. When I do show them the pictures they go crazy. I know when the students are paying attention when, they comment about something that has happened in the book. I want to also thank you for the other suggestions that you gave me, I will try to use them to see if they help. Another problem I seem to have is that the students will not listen to me. What do you think I could do to solve this?


Hey Mrs. Tincher,
Thank you for responding. I will try to do some of Ms. Lani's suggestions. I really want the kids to pay attention during reading time. I will keep trying and hope it will work.

Susan Stamps

You are facing some of the challenges that all teachers face! With a wide range of abilites, it is a challenge. Also, it is difficult to predict what students will enjoy reading! Keep up the good work and I will see you soon!

Darren Kuropatwa

Hi Tiffany,

You asked what I think you should know to be a great teacher. Well, I don't think there's one answer to that question and none of the answers are short.

I friend of mine from Texas, Wesley Fryer, wrote something on his blog a little while back that I think is one of the answers: People are the curriculum

Give it a read; it's a good place to start. ;-)

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